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Hi there :D My name is Erin, I'm eighteen and I come from Northern Ireland. I study German, French, Linguistics and English language at at the University of Edinburgh in bonnie Scotland :) I am single and I love languages, travelling, feminism, skiing, Paolo Nutini, Johnny Depp, Germany and art. :D Send me a wee message cause I love talking to new and old friends :) I hope you like my blog :D Read the Printed Word!

I love the fact that our English assessment when we go back is basically going to be a Lord of the Flies fan fic.

Lololol. :D I already have mine all planned out cause I thought of an idea in June so I had to make sure I wouldn’t forget :P But the more I think about the characters and stuff the more I see similarities between Harry Potter and LOTF. :| Like Jack is Voldemort obviously because he is the leader and tells people what to do and they do it because they are afraid of him, and then Roger is Bellatrix because he enjoys taunting people by throwing rocks at them and then he killed Piggy, and the rest of his tribe are the death eaters, and they even have masks like death eaters except the tribe’s is painted. And then Ralph is Harry because he is the one Jack wants to kill and he is the leader of the good side, and Piggy is Dumbledore because he was the smart logical one. And then Simon is Snape maybe? Because he was always trying to do things for the better good but ended up dying due to other people’s evilness. And Sam and Eric are the twins and you would think they would be Fred and George but I think they are more like Draco in that they were forced to join Jack’s tribe when they didn’t really want to in the same way that Draco was forced to be a death eater when he really didn’t want to.

Just saying. I dunno. I seem to be the only one who sees the similarities.

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